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Watercolour Painting FAQs

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What does it mean to Commission a Painting?

A client commissions a portrait when placing an order for a custom piece of art aka Portrait Painting.


What is your style?

Watercolour Illustrations are NOT a photo-realistic representation of the subject, but a fun, imperfect, stylized, illustrative portrait.


How do I place an order?


View the Price List (Download via the link below.)

Email me with your order.

You will be emailed an estimate/invoice AND the Commission Agreement.

Complete and Sign the Commission Agreement.
Make payment.

Taaadaa! You are on the commission list!


What is your payment terms?

Once you have received the invoice/estimate, your spot on the commission list will TEMPORARILY be reserved for THREE (3) days to give you time to make payment. If the Client has not confirmed the order with payment within the three (3) day period, the order will automatically be cancelled. NO EXCEPTIONS.

For orders less than R1200, full payment is required to confirm your order. The Client will only be put on the commission list upon receipt of the payment. No exceptions.

If a Client’s Order exceeds R1200 the Client can enter into a payment arrangement. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your spot on the commission list, the balance is due when the Client reaches the top of the commission list BEFORE the Artist is to start with the order. Once the Client is notified that they have reached the top of the commission list, payment is due within 48 hours. No exceptions. If the Client fails to make payment within 48 hours, they will be moved to the bottom of the commission list. If the Client fails to make payment once they reach the top of the Commission list for the second time, their order will be cancelled and they will forfeit the deposit. The Client will only be put on the commission list upon receipt of the deposit. No exceptions. ONLY available to Clients paying via EFT.


Do you accept Credit Card payments?

Yes, Credit Card payments can be arranged through PayFast’s secure payment portal.


I need the painting urgently as a gift, how soon can you help me?

The lead time on your order is 4-6 weeks from receipt of payment. Framing requires an additional 2 weeks. The above-mentioned EXCLUDE time allocated for Courier Delivery – which can be an additional 2 to 5 working days depending on where you are based within SA. (International delivery times depend on various factors.)

A RUSH-FEE, 25% of the invoice total, will be added to your invoice if you need to be ‘squeezed in’ to receive your order earlier as I must put my entire commission list on hold to accommodate you. Please discuss this with me BEFORE confirming your order – I would love to help, but unfortunately, it is NOT always possible. Framing cannot be rushed. (The RUSH-FEE will also apply if you need to rush your order, after booking while the order is already in progress.)


Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes, Gift Vouchers are available for purchase. Full payment is required on all Gift Vouchers. I can either email a Gift Voucher to you or sent you a physical Gift Voucher (courier delivery fees would apply).
The recipient of the Voucher has the option of paying in on a larger size portrait when they book their portrait.
My Gift Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Do you accept international commissions?

YES, most definitely!
Worldwide shipping is available! International shipping needs to be quoted.


How many photos do you require?

When uploading photographs, please upload ONE PHOTO only. If you do not have one photo of all the subjects, please upload ONE PHOTO of each person only. (Please do not upload more than requested. If I require more photographs, I will contact you.)


What type of photos do you require?

I require a good photograph as I can only illustrate what I can see in an image. A High-resolution photograph will work best as I can zoom in to see detail. Screenshots, photos downloaded from Facebook or Whatsapp are not always ideal and recommended, it is however still do-able if it is the only photo you have.

The photo should be well lit and have a natural colour. (All sorts of filters and effects are NOT usable.)
The photo should not have very dark shadows, especially over the important facial detail. (Hats and sunglasses often cast very dark shadows, making the eyes seem dark.)
The photo should be in the desired pose.
The photo should show the height-difference between the subjects.
The photo should clearly show the eye colour and hair colour of each person.


Can you combine photos?

If you do not have one photo of all the subjects, please upload ONE PHOTO of each person only.
All the photographs should be taken at the same level, e.g. one person photographed from looking up, photographed from above, cannot be added to an illustration where all the other subjects have been photographed at eye level.
All the subjects should be in the desired poses.


My photos do not comply with the above mentioned, what now?

I know that sometimes the photo options might be limited, e.g. if you want a surprise gift made or a commemorative portrait of a deceased pet.
If your photos do not comply with the above, do not stress! Please email me the best quality photographs that you do have (before placing your order) and we will discuss the options from there.


Copyright and how does it affect me?

The artist, Celia van Niekerk, retains all copyright of the finished artwork. The finished artwork may be used by the client (you) for display and personal enjoyment only. No prints or copies shall be made, or profit gained in any way, from the finished artwork by the Client (you), without the express written permission of the artist (Celia van Niekerk). The artist retains the right to use the image for advertising artistic services, through printed adverts (e.g. flyers, portfolio books) and digital media or social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Website, etc.) The Client is not permitted to make any changes to the original artwork, e.g. drawing or painting on the artwork. Digital artwork can be used for personal use only and not for reselling purposes. When posting artwork on Social Media, the Client is obligated to tag or mention the Artist.

How can I obtain your Price List?

Please click the links below to download my most recent price list/estimate list.
If you have any difficulty with the download, you are welcome to pop me an EMAIL and I will forward the price list to you.

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