Celia van Niekerk Fine Artist & Illustrator

South African Fine Artist, specialising in Portraits, Figure Paintings and Christian Inspirational Art. Works in oil paint and watercolour.




How and when do I make payment?

I accept EFT payments, as well as Card or Credit Card Payments via PayFast. A 50% booking fee is payable to secure your spot on the waiting list. Balance due upon completion. We can also enter into a payment agreement if you need to split your payment into smaller chunks, while you are still on the waiting list. (Payment agreements are only available to clients paying by EFT and I will only start with your commission once at least 50% of the total value has been paid.)


Do you sell Gift Vouchers?

Yes, Gift Vouchers are available for purchase. Full payment required on all Gift Vouchers. I can either email a Gift Voucher to you or sent you a physical Gift Voucher (courier delivery fees would apply).

The recipient of the Voucher has the option of paying in on a larger size portrait when they book their portrait. All the terms and conditions as mentioned in this document apply to commissions for Gift Voucher too. Gift Voucher are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.


How long does it take to complete a portrait?

The time depends on the size, complexity and the number of subjects included.

I should be able to give you an ETA on the approximate start and/or completion date of the commission (based on the length of my commissions-list) once you have confirmed the size and I’ve seen your reference photographs. Please let me know upon ordering if you will need your portrait by a certain date. I can then tell you if it would be possible. Unfortunately, I cannot take in any rush jobs – as I strive to produce work that I am proud of.

Even though my business is fairly new, I already have a waiting list for commissions. Please book your portrait early to avoid disappointment.

Once you have reached the first spot on the waiting list, I will be in contact to let you know that you are next in line.


Do you accept international commissions?

Most definitely! I can ship worldwide.


Can you courier my portrait to me?

Yes, I definitely can! I can ship worldwide.

Courier fees within the borders of South Africa start at R100 (depending on the size and weight of your finished painting. If your order is to the value of R12 000 or more, shipping (within the borders of South Africa) as well as shipping insurance are free. International shipments need to be quoted. All parcels are securely packaged to ensure that it does not bend or damage. Shipping insurance to the value of your artwork can be added as an optional extra.


If I decide to cancel, do I receive my deposit back?

Unfortunately, no.

This is regarded as a loss of income for me, as I have probably shown another client away that needed a portrait at a specific time, in order to accommodate you. If I have already started with your commission, I would not be able to sell it afterwards to cover my cost – as it is a customed commissioned piece.

The deposit only becomes refundable in case I am unable to complete your order.


Do you work from a photograph?

Yes, I work from high-quality digital photographs that will allow me to zoom in to see all the detail. Photograph needs to be sharply in focus. I, unfortunately, cannot work from photos that aren’t sharp, as I can only draw the details that I can see. For a head and chest portrait, the photo preferably needs to be/ have been taken at eye level and be nice and close up. You are most welcome to email me as many photographs as you like, at their original size, so that I can judge which one would be most suitable. (The more you send the more options we have.) Kindly EMAIL me the photographs at their original size – WhatsApp and other social media platforms compress photographs to reduce the size and save data, resulting in a lower quality photograph that is unusable.


What do you regard as a good quality photograph?

The most important thing in commissioning your portrait is providing a good photo reference to work from in order to ensure a good quality portrait.

The ideal photo would be:

  • taken in natural light
  • face forward/straight on with a good view of the eyes
  • taken at eye level
  • no harsh/very dark shadows
  • no flash used
  • taken at a flattering angle
  • the eyes should be well lit, bright and shiny
  • your subject should fill the frame of the photo


The photograph should also be sharply in focus: if you zoom in, you should be able to see small detail, e.g. individual hair.

The better the photograph you send me, the better the portrait! The more photographs you send me the better, as it will help me capture the personality and the character of your pet.

Use the best camera you have at your disposal. The latest phone cameras are good, but if you do own a digital camera that is even better!


My pet has passed on and I do not have a great photograph to send as a reference, what now?

If your pet has passed, I do realise that it might be very difficult to find a suitable photograph but I will try my best to portray your pet as good as possible. I might need your help where features are not clearly visible on the photo.


Will I see my portrait before it is complete?

Once I have started with your portrait, I will do a ROUGH outline and send it to you for approval, BEFORE I start applying the colour. Please let me know if there is anything you would like to change – I’ll be happy to make the changes, IF possible to do so (T&C APPLY).

Thereafter, I usually share progress photos of the portraits on social media as I work.  If your commission is a surprise gift for somebody, please let me know when booking. I do not want to spoil your surprise by sharing on social media.

Once your portrait is done, I will be in contact with a photo of your portrait.


Copyright and how does it affect me? 

The artist, Celia van Niekerk, retains all copyright of the finished artwork.

The finished artwork may be used by the client (you) for display and personal enjoyment only. No prints or copies shall be made, or profit gained in any way, from the finished artwork by the client (you), without the express written permission of the artist (Celia van Niekerk).

The artist retains the right to use the image for advertising artistic services, through printed adverts (e.g. flyers, portfolio books) and digital media or social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Website, etc.)



If you are interested in commissioning your own pet portrait, please send me an email at info@celiavanniekerk.com.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any additional questions.

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