Oil Painting Children & Inspirational Art

I specialize in Children’s Paintings and Inspirational Christian Art. I am however available for portraits and other types of commissions too.

I do not have a set price list for oil paintings. In order to be able to give you a quotation, I would need to see the photograph that you want me to paint as well as what you are envisioning for your painting.

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Figurative Art is not traditional portraiture: the child should not be posing, looking and smiling directly into the camera.

You are however welcome to contact me for traditional portraiture too!


A suitable photograph for a painting adheres to the following requirements:

The photograph needs to be a high-quality image.

The photograph needs to have good colour, lighting and composition. (Remember that I can only paint the detail that I am able to see.)

I recommend using reference images with a natural feel to them, not posed at all, e.g. a child playing or lost in thought.



I usually have a waiting list for commissions. Please book your commission early to avoid disappointment. A deposit is required to reserve your slot on the waiting list. Balance due upon completion of your painting.

Pricing for oil painting commissions start at R2200
Kindly contact me via email or WhatsApp for an estimate and the commissioning terms & conditions.

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I am available for inspirational Christian and Decorative painting commissions in oil colour too. I do work from a reference photograph. You are most welcome to provide the reference photo, e.g. a closeup of your bridal bouquet. Alternatively, I will be happy to provide you with a few ideas or photographs to choose from once we have discussed your vision for the painting.

Please be advised that I will not copy or imitate another artist’s work. If you supply photographs, the commissioner should be the owner of the photographs as I am legally NOT allowed to work from copyrighted photos.

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