My name is Celia van Niekerk, I am a professional, South African Artist.

I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember and hold a Diploma in Art & Design. I used to be a Professional Photographer and photography studio owner for the past 14 years, but due to a shoulder problem I had to hang up my camera for a while. So, I decided to pursue my career in Art. I regard myself to be very blessed to be able to lead such a joyous and creative life.  I am thankful to the Lord for giving me the talents and means to do so and I am striving to make it my purpose to spread the joy through my art.

I work mainly in oil colour, watercolour and coloured pencils.

You are most welcome to browse through my website. Do not hesitate to contact me if you require any information or would like to commission your own Celia van Niekerk Original!

Kindest Regards